Saturday, May 15, 2010

"A blind school bus driver?"

WOAI-TV asks the question: How could a school district let a blind man drive a bus?
SAN ANTONIO -- A blind man is not someone parents would want driving their children to school. But a Judson ISD worker claims that is exactly what could have happened.
But it must be sweeps month, because--though the guy has vision problems--he's not really blind.
Rudy Mungia works for the Judson ISD. He filed a lawsuit against the district because he says his bosses tried to force him to drive a school bus even though he's blind in one eye.

Mungia lost vision in his right eye during a welding accident back in the 1970's, and said he shouldn't be behind the wheel of a school bus. Mungia has worked as a district mechanic maintaining the buses for 19 years. After making repairs, he takes the buses for a test drive, but insists he doesn't see well enough to drive with kids on board. [emphases added]
Obviously the guy can function. He can't see as well as most people, and he probably shouldn't be driving a bus with students on board, but he's certainly not completely blind as WOAI tries to suggest with the headline and the opening paragraph of the story. But, then again, it is sweeps month, and that's what TV stations do: play up the story. And WOAI is going to need all the ratings it can get after management canned Jennifer Broome and replaced her with some gray-haired dude.


Dave said...

I'm not even a News-4 WOAI viewer, but even I know that getting rid of Jennifer Broome was a huge mistake. At least for my blog it was. I get most of my Google hits from the key words "Jennifer Broome Boob Job", and WOAI fires her? How am I supposed to attract new readers?

I guess I could somehow work "Blind Bus Driver" into the mix.

Unknown said...

Do you have any idea were Jennifer is going?

Albatross said...

Screaming, I don't know. I think she has her own website, but I don't know if she has found another permanent job, yet. I just hope it is in television and not radio.