Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toilet Seat Museum, revisited

Remember the Toilet Seat Museum? Well, Barney Smith is still around, making his art. And now a travel website has rated his collection as the "wackiest" in the nation.
The Alamo may attract millions of Arizona visitors each year, but a little museum in Alamo Heights ranks higher than both of them when it comes to off-the-wall attractions., a popular online travel community, has just named Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum the Wackiest Attraction in America. The museum is located in Smith's garage.
(from KSAT-12. video here.)

Get ready for more tourists, San Antonio!

By the way, they're toilet lids, not seats.

As if that might make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Hey neato! Hahahahahaha....yes, I am excited to be able to see toilet seat/lid art. ^_^ I like the old school Spurs one.

Albatross said...

The Michael Jackson one was one of my favorites.

AlanDP said...

I happened to drive by his place once when I was working in Alamo Heights and his garage door was open. The only thing I saw in there were toilet seats with old license plates mounted on them. The whole garage was full of them. I didn't see anything but license plates on the toilet seats.