Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gettin' Pee-wee in Von Ormy

Von Ormy, Bexar County's newest little town (pop. 1,300), is apparently big enough to support an adult theater. And at least one constable is reported to be an enthusiastic fan.
The three men, 73-year-old Lee Roy Tondre, 54-year-old Jose Terrasas, and 47-year-old Donald Allison, were arrested at the Twin Theatre in the 12,000 block of Fischer Road in Von Ormy after undercover deputies reportedly found them masturbating inside one of the theaters.

According to deputies, Terrases is the Reserve Chief Deputy Constable Precinct #2.

(from WOAI-TV)


Dave said...

I take it Diane Cibrian was not available for comment?

libraaztec said...

Pervs are infesting everything. heh heh. (^_^)

Albatross said...

It kinda makes you wonder if they were all sitting together.


Dave said...

The whole thing just seems so silly to me. I have never been to the place in question, but it seems to me it is pretty obvious they don;t get a lot of families hoping to catch the latest Myly Cyrus movie there.

Wouldn't it be far preferable to everyone that these wankers go get their jollies in a private, fairly safe from public view environment than to go hang out in public parks and restrooms?

Yes, the best solution would be for the men to sit at home and look at porn on the internet and do their business alone, but I'm betting that some of them don;t have the luxury of a wife that would be cool with that.

Regardless of what we think about these three pervs, as far as we know, no minors were involved. Meanwhile, the police are busy wasting their time and our tax dollars staking out a peep show and finding that these guys do exactly what you would expect them to do at a peep show.

libraaztec said...

Maybe the exhibitionist next door should visit. Perhaps the potheads/dealers two houses down from me could get arrested someday. Woe to this broken world. Oh well, at least I know where NOT to go. (^_^)