Thursday, October 22, 2009

A dedicated employee

Certainly an odd situation, and an even odder response to it.

One man fought more than traffic on his way to work Thursday.

He says he was driving his green Cadillac near Hwy. 90 and Military Dr. when someone started shooting at him.

Four bullets hit the car, and although shots grazed his head and chin, he kept right on driving to work.

The man says he didn't do anything to provoke the shooter.

Police don't have much to go on in the case. They do know that the accused gunman was driving a black Impala.

(from KENS-5)

He probably didn't have any sick time or vacation time left, so he had to go to work, bullet wounds or no bullet wounds.

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Dave said...

And we complain that we can't find people with a solid work ethic in San Antonio.

I was at that very intersection yesterday morning but thankfully, did not get shot on my way to work.