Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Practicing religion

If you stop by your neighborhood bakery, and your baker displays a few hooves and animal skins, you might want to ask him if he can cure cancer. He might say yes. But I don't suggest you ask him to actually cure whatever disease afflicts you, at least not without consulting your doctor (regular, not witch) first.

WOAI reports on just such a man here in San Antonio.
We spotted several birds, a dog and turtle behind the West Side building. We also saw where animals had clearly been killed and left outside.

When News 4 WOAI asked Jesse Mercado, the owner of Celia’s Bakery, about what was going on, he explained “this is part of the religion, you need to eat the animals, you need to eat it."

Mercado says the religion is called Yoruba, and it's similar to voodoo. When we were out there, he demonstrated some of the rituals that are part of his religion.

He told us he’s “capable to cure anybody with cancer, any disease."

Mercado practices in the building next to the bakery. And inside that building a cat head.

However, Mercado says, "I don't have nothing to do with cat."
(from WOAI-TV; slideshow here)

Sure you don't have nothing to do with cat. Just the cat head. Makes for a good bakery decoration, I bet.

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