Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thrashin' for the Lord

Skate punks around? Preach the word. Who knows, they might even listen.

On Sunday afternoons the gym at University United Methodist Church is transformed.

The skate church came about because kids would use the church parking lot to skate. University United Methodist decided instead of asking them to leave, they would invite them in.


After two hours of catching some air with a good board, they hear from the good book. While it may not look like it, it is a church service.

After 15 minutes of sharing the Word and prayer, the boys hit the ramps for another hour with this message:

"You don't have to get all clean, look right an[d] say the right things. Just be here and know that He loves you," said [the Reverend] Kit [Tomlinson].

(from KENS-5)

And, please, no tagging the Lord's house.

Oh, and don't forget, it's still sweeps month:
http:// latestnews/stories/KENS20090516-SWEEPS-skatechurch.d9a8b87.html


Dave said...

I'm holding out for Gentleman's Club Church with the Reverend Diane Cibrian officiating. Assuming of course, she'll wear a robe of some sort.

AlanDP said...

Heh. There was a group like that on one episode of "King of the Hill."

Albatross said...

Life imitates art!