Monday, May 11, 2009


Or smudge?

You decide.

From the WOAI story:
The man told News 4 WOAI he recently cleaned his pool for the summer using a product called "Shock". During the cleaning, he said got some of the product on the side of the pool, and it left a stain. Despite efforts to remove it, the stain would not come out.

The man was working outside again last Saturday and stopped to take a break. When he glanced over at the pool where the stain was, he saw it resembled a man's face. After taking a closer look, he said he realized the face looked like that of Jesus Christ.

To try confirm he wasn't just seeing things, the man asked his wife to take a look at the stain after she arrived home from work. Without telling her his opinion, he asked what she could see. He told News 4 WOAI his wife's eyes opened wide and she said "It's Jesus!"
I don't know, maybe she said, "Oh, Jesus," because she was tired of him leaving stains on the side of the pool, and he just heard what he wanted to hear. After all, he certainly seems to be seeing what he wants to see.


Dave said...

Is it just me or does anyone with a little facial hair qualify as a sighting of Jesus these days? Personally, I see a little Gomez Adams there.

Beaker said...

I thought it kind of looked like Santa.

Albatross said...

Gomez was so cool.