Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Duking it out in Helotes

Ah, small-town politics. They always make for a good read.
Two distinct political parties have emerged in the small town: the reds and the greens.

The reds, who usually align themselves with Mayor Tom Schoolcraft, generally lean toward more and better development in the area, leading to more tax income for the city.

The greens, many of whom have said Myfe Moore is their de facto leader, on the whole dislike large amounts of development and speak on the platform of working for the environment.

The two groups have had a heated and well-publicized relationship in Helotes. Several incidents between the reds and greens have been documented in police reports.

Former City Secretary Judy Reichardt said her mailbox was painted green. Though the city was unable to produce a police report, Police Chief Morton Ault said he remembered the incident.


Though no police report could be found about dead animals, two reports were found regarding trash being thrown in citizens' yards. The complainants were kept anonymous.

The reds are not the only ones complaining. Police reports exist from members of the green party, as well, including the time the police were called to City Hall to witness the posting of a new agenda that former City Councilmembers Alina Eckhardt and Guillerma Contreras said Schoolcraft tried to block.

In other police reports, a box of dog feces were reportedly sent to City Hall with Alan's name on it, though the police were able to track that shipment and said they believe it came from a former co-worker of Alan's, not a Helotes enemy.

(from the Northwest Weekly)

But the important thing is this: Will they allow bikini waitresses into their city?

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