Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Car crashes into apartments

They are homes, right? So apartment buildings shouldn't consider themselves to be immune to car carnage.
A woman who police said was making a drug transaction crashed her vehicle into an apartment complex while attempting to flee from officers early Wednesday.

Tactical Response Unit officers said they pulled the woman over after they witnessed a drug transaction, but she then sped off before they could approach her car.

The woman drove erratically through the Spring Hill Apartments in the 4800 block of Ray Bon, where she ended hitting two apartment buildings, startling some residents out of bed.

"They were surprised, a little frightened, but no one was injured," said Capt. Mike Gorhum of the San Antonio Police Department.
(from KSAT-12)

I don't think any fences were taken out, though.

UPDATE: On WOAI's website, I found this choice quote from a witness on the scene of this same accident.
Brittany Johnson says she saw the whole thing: “She just got out, dropped her wigs, dropped her flip flops, got her baby, and ran."
Wigs? Flip flops? Baby? All in one breath while describing a crazy crash? That is truly strange.

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Dave said...

Of course. Who doesn't take a few assorted wigs with them during a house (apartment) crashing?