Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"South San ISD to sue West Campus group"

Rains come. A high school campus floods. The school district that runs the campus transfers the students to another high school, then decides it would be cheaper to keep them there than to rebuild the flooded high school. The community protests the closure. A group sues the school district. The school district sues back.

Fun all around, with the latest from the Express-News:

South San Antonio Independent School District trustees voted Monday night to sue Save West Campus, the community group that sued the district last month in an effort to keep officials from closing South San Antonio High School West Campus.


Save West Campus' members were unsuccessful last week in obtaining a temporary injunction to halt the closure until the outcome of the trial.

Monday, trustees authorized the district's lawyer to countersue the group to recoup attorneys fees and other costs and to file a motion asking a judge to dismiss the case and individual trustees from it.

School politics. Ain't they neat?

UPDATE: Now with fake blog posts! (from KTSA)

Moments before "Save West Campus" -- a community group organized to fight the closure of the high school -- was to give a scheduled press conference to respond to the South San Independent School District's counter lawsuit against the group, the group's attorney read from a blog post [riddled with bad grammar and spelling] supposedly written by the school district's attorney.


David Van Os, the community group's attorney, contacted Mark Anthony Sanchez, the school district's attorney, after the press conference.

"I just about fell out of my chair," Sanchez said. "I was extremely disappointed that Mr. Van Os did not give me the courtesy of a telephone call."

Sanchez said neither he nor anybody associated with his law firm were the authors of the blog.

Van Os later said he didn't think to verify the author of the blog before reading it to the assembled community members and gathered media. [emphases added]

I hope Van Os isn't charging those poor people for his brilliant lawyering.


Dave said...

Misguided, but nice to see so many parents concerned about their children's education.

They are concerned about their education, right?

Albatross said...

Of course! It's all for the children, you know.