Monday, December 10, 2007

"Marines Ordered To Move Toy Drive"

This doesn't sound very Christmasy. (from KSAT-12)

SAN ANTONIO -- Marine Staff Sgt. Henry Idar is used to taking orders, but on Sunday he was taken aback when he was asked to move a toy drive booth at a Toys R Us store.

Idar said a security guard at the Forum shopping center on the city's Northeast Side told Idar to move the Toys For Tots toy drive from outside to inside the store.

The move upset Idar, who said the toy drive's success depends on heavy foot traffic outside the store.

No comment from the Forum. I'm sure the mall's officials have a reason for making this request, but, on the surface, it doesn't seem very charitable.


AlanDP said...

I expect it has something to do with security theater because of the mall shooting in Omaha.

Not actual security, just something that makes it look like they're doing something.

Albatross said...

If that's true, then it's kind of funny that security would make a show of doing something by ordering a Marine inside! If anything, I would feel more secure with a few Marines nearby than with a host of mall security guards.

AlanDP said...

The security guards there are probably armed. A Marine selling toys is probably not.