Sunday, December 02, 2007

Selling kittens

There are too many cats in San Antonio.

From WOAI:

There is a cat sale on the north side, the Animal Defense League is now offering a two for one special.

The kennels at the shelter are crammed with cats and more kittens continue to be dumped on their door steps.

"We've reached a point where unfortunately we're just plain out of room. We have cats stuffed in areas where normally dogs are," said Animal Defense League Executive Director, Ron Aaron.

With this many cats, shouldn't they be giving them away? I wonder if we can expect to see more of this when the city's shelters go "no-kill" in 2012.


Dave said...

I love SA and I wish we were smart enough as a community to do the right thing in terms of Spay and Neuter, but apparently, we aren't.

Sadly, the disturbing truth is that we need a mass killing. As sad and sick as it is, we need to reset the clock so to speak.

The thought of it is terrible, but we know that the "no-kill" option is a pipe dream until we can get people to change. And for whatever reason, there is a HUGE percentage of pet-owners here who find the thought of fixing their pets to be more offensive than killing the strays.

The same people who wont get a pet fixed, even for free, will happily take a litter of unwanted offspring to "a better neighborhood" or "out to a farm in the country".

Let's just cut to the chase and as humanely as possible, reduce the population of unwanted / unsupportable cats and dogs and for God's sake pick up the stray and unlicensed animals and spay/neuter them and adopt them out before they recreate this problem we find ourselves in now.imszym

Albatross said...

Dave, I agree with you, especially your third paragraph. "No-kill" is an admirable sentiment, but, as we see with this instance, the practice can cause problems even for an organization that's been "The No-Kill Shelter Since 1934." And I don't understand why someone wouldn't get a pet fixed from the start. I've never been one to deal with a pet dog in heat, and I can't imagine why people who aren't breeders would want to.

The overabundance of cats and dogs won't be fixed until the animals are, and that takes an attitude shift among the owners. Until that shift occurs, the city should adopt a "kill-only-when-there-are-absolutely-no-other-options" policy for our municipal shelters instead of a blanket "no-kill" policy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping us get out the word about ADL. Since we began our "cat promotion," I am pleased to say we have adopted out over 100 cats and kittens. That means more than 100 cats and kitties will have homes for the holidays and, we hope, those homes will be for the rest of their lives. Sure beats living in a shelter. Even a no-kill shelter like the Animal Defense League.

Ron Aaron
Animal Defense League of Texas

Anonymous said...
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