Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poteet police parade

Down in Poteet, the police held a little parade for about an hour on the night of December 26. The parade might have gone on longer, but somebody stopped it.

Actually it was a police chase. Check the KSAT video here to see the crazy pursuit in this town of just over 3,000 people and how police couldn't stop the chase but an ordinary citizen could.

To be fair to the police, it's probably against some kind of policy for them to take the action the citizen did, but still, it's pretty funny that they chased that guy around and around little ol' Poteet until Peter Douglas decided to put a stop to it.


Dave said...

Why did I think this would somehow end up with the Mayor of Poteet behind the wheel of the car being chased?

Albatross said...

I bet some of the residents wish it had been the mayor. Then they might be able to remove him from office!

(Click here to find out why they want him gone.)