Saturday, January 02, 2010

Car crashes into house

Another new year, another new assault on a house.
A man loses control of his truck and crashes into a south Bexar County home Saturday morning. Investigators say the driver may have experienced a medical condition when he drove straight into the house on Savannah Heights. The truck crashed into the front of the home and stopped inside a bathroom. Authorities tell us the homeowner had just left the room.
(from KABB-29)


Dave said...

I really thought 2010 would be the start of better relations between trucks and houses. That was a short lived peace.

Kels said...

Why am I not surprised there has already been 'a car into a house' report??? It's just creepy! I reiterate how happy I am that my bedroom isn't at the front of the house!

Tired of House Crash Reports said...

Why am I not surprised there is yet ANOTHER "car/truck crashes into house" blog entry? Instead of "Strange in San Antonio", you should rename this blog to "Strange House Crashes in San Antonio".

Albatross said...

I'm sorry. I will check with you next time.

Oh, by the way, read this entry from 2008.