Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Building a trashy house

Think it's easy? One family just east of here does.
The economy has led a lot of people to take innovative measures, but Sunny and Connie Gonzalez, of Kingsbury, have gotten especially creative: they decided to move out to the country and build a home out of trash.

The Gonzales family said their home is a dream in the making.

The family moved to the property, owned by their father, a year ago, after they lost their million-dollar Stone Oak home when Sunny lost his job as a contractor.

The family used beer bottles for walls, tires for fences, bricks were made from scratch and all the wood is recycled.

They said eventually the plan is to use only recycled materials for a 3,000-square-foot home, complete with a pool and a hot tub.

They said they would like to prove that they can live at the same standard of quality as everyone else "without being caught up into the system."

Most of their food is grown on the land, which allows the couple to survive on about $100 a week.

"We have nothing but free time, no stress," Sunny said. "In these very challenging economic downturns, we're always happy."
(from KSAT-12)

I wish them well, though I don't think they'll win any design awards.


Dave said...

It doesn't say if they drank the beer first, then made walls out of the empty bottles, but it sure looks that way.

Albatross said...

And if they need more building materials, they can always hold a BYOB party for the Super Bowl and save the empties.

AlanDP said...

Dennis Weaver ("McCloud") had a business of building houses from used tires. From the pictures I once saw, however, they were a lot more pleasing in appearance than this bottle-house.