Friday, January 22, 2010

A burglarized street

What if you lived on a street where almost all of the homes had been hit by burglars at least once in the last couple of months? How well would you sleep at night?
A north side neighborhood called News 4 WOAI for help. They say their streets are falling victim to a slew of burglaries and property crime. Waxwood is one street hit particularly hard. More than half a dozen homes on that street have been broken into; while at night, burglars are stealing things out of cars.

News 4 WOAI got hold of a surveillance video that catches these criminals in the act. In the video you see a blue car pull into a driveway. Three men get out of the car, break through the front door of the home, and leave with armfuls of high-dollar property.

Homeowner Chris Cruz describes what they stole from his house, "They ended up taking all my electronics, my computers, everything." That was the second time they burglarized his home.

"The first time they broke in through my back door, they came in ransacked it, took money," Cruz said.

Nearly the entire street of Waxwood has been burglarized in the last few months. As you can imagine, Cruz and his neighbors want this crime spree to stop. Each time these criminals strike, neighbors call police and report the crime, but so far none of these suspects have been caught.
(from WOAI-TV)

I bet the criminals actually live on that same street. And I think, soon, one night will end very badly for someone on Waxwood Lane.


Dave said...

Either a neighbor or the friend of a neighbor. "Visiting a friend" seems to be a common excuse for people stopped in residential neighborhoods where they don't live.

Albatross said...

If, someday soon, one of the neighbors decides to hold a huge garage sale, everyone else on that street should become very suspicious.