Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Thriller" at the Alamo

A bunch of Michael Jackson fans dancing to "Thriller" in front of the Alamo. Sound thrilling?

Not quite.

(video from 210SA)

I shudder to think the tourists actually saw that.

P.S: What's with the funky hair-like stuff hanging into the top part of the frame towards the end of the video? That's additional strange.


Dave said...

I submit that Michale Jackson cannot wait to get buried so that he may immediately commence rolling in his grave.

That was so far beyond pathetic.

And since when did people show up at the scene of a flash mob to practice for said flash mob? The point of a flash mob is to have everyone get there quickly, do whatever they are going to do and then leave. Not have some portly MJ wannabe give interviews about giving San Antonio a legacy or some nonsense.

I now suddenly get it. I now understand why the people in Austin look at us and think "lame".

(Not that there is anything wrong with lame)

Albatross said...

Best quote from the video: "Aaaarghh! We're zombies!"