Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Glider Crash Lands On NW Side"

I don't think so.
The pilot of a motorized glider was forced to make a crash landing early Tuesday afternoon on the city's northwest side.


It wasn't immediately clear what problem the pilot encountered, but his glider, a Lambada UFM-13, is equipped with a parachute that deploys when it experiences a problem. [emphases added]
(from KSAT-12)

Motorized glider? Is that anything like a motorized bicycle?

Sorry KSAT. It may have glider characteristics, but even the manufacturer considers it a full-on airplane.
The Light Sport ultra-light aircraft UFM 13 Lambada is an all composite, two-seat, side by side, single-engine, mid-wing aircraft.

The wings are equipped with the choice of a flapperon, where the flaps are assisted by spoilers or an aileron and dive brakes. The flapperon version has three positions 5°, 9° and 16° positions. The 16°position is assisted by spoilers on top of the wing that are automatically deployed with the single flap control/spoiler control lever. In this version the use of flaps/spoilers is limited to Vfe. The other version has dive brakes only and no flaps. The same control lever is used to operate the dive brakes up to Vne.

The gear is conventional with steerable tail wheel. The wheels are equipped with single lever hydraulic brake system. The main gear spring is made of fiberglass laminate and can be easily removed for service or repair.

The UFM 13 Lambada is equipped with three types of interchangeable wing tips. The extenders increase the wingspan to 15m/49ft for soaring, the short wing tips make the Lambada a great cross country machine with range of over 800 miles, and the super modern shark fins finish the plane.
I'd just call it a cool airplane.


Dave said...

I'd just call it a cool airplane.

Yea, but not so much anymore. Hope he had insurance.

Mesa Auto Accident said...

Wow! It must have been an amazing ride!