Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Refusing to say who you are

Here's a strange case from San Marcos.
At around 11 a.m. Monday, Texas State University police arrested a man who refused to give his name to the arresting officers. He was booked into the Hays County Sheriff's Department jail under a "John Doe" identity and he still refuses to reveal his identity.

The man was charged with failure to identify and his bond has been set at $2,500.
(from KSAT-12)

The police wonder if you might know who he is.

UPDATE: He's been identified. Here's the latest from KSAT:
Hays County law enforcement officials now know the name of a jailed man who refused to identify himself.

The man was identified as David Prichard, 34, of Coleman.

Prichard refused to say who he was when Texas State University police arrested him Monday morning, Hays County sheriff's officials said.



AlanDP said...

So what is he alleged to have done that was actually harmful to someone else? "Failure to identify" is a complete B.S. charge. If he isn't being charged with a real crime, his name is none of their business.

Dave said...

Yea, I generally think it is best to cooperate with police, but if we have to resort to arresting people simply because we don't know their name, I got a problem with it. At least get the guy for jaywalking or something.

Geeze, I hope I have my papers in order next time I go through San Marcos.

Albatross said...

Actually I think the guy was arrested first, and then he refused to identify himself. That is against the law; once arrested, you need let the police know who you are or you face additional charges. The update from KSAT makes this a little clearer.