Saturday, February 21, 2009

Someone who definitely should have thought a little more

If you get in an argument with your girlfriend while on the road, it's not a good idea to interfere with her driving. You might end up on the losing end of the whole thing.
Joseph Tovar, 23, was not wearing a seat belt, police said.

Traffic investigators said they later learned that Tovar caused the crash. According to police, Tovar was having an argument with his girlfriend, who was driving the SUV, when Tovar allegedly reached over and pulled on the steering wheel.

Police said the car veered toward the right, and Tover's girlfriend overcorrected, causing the SUV to flip over.

"He was ejected from the vehicle and the vehicle rolled over him, killing him there at the scene," said Sgt. Joe Rios, with the San Antonio Police Department.
(from KSAT-12)

Thankfully, the others in the car are going to be OK.

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Anonymous said...

It was his "EX- Girlfriend" And he never wanted to go that night with her to pick up her stupid cousin! She promised to bring him back home in 5min to his new born baby but she didnt want to take him home after that picked her cousin up!!!Look where he is now!We Love and Miss You Joseph!