Saturday, February 07, 2009


Does anyone out there know what this piece of equipment is?

I assume its some kind of machine for pouring concrete or asphalt because it is in a road construction zone and it's called an "Easi-Pour." Whatever it is, it looks kind of strange. And it's at least 16 years old. Can any locals spot why I know this?


Kels said...

LOL You probably know because that machines been in the same area working on the same stretch of road for a LOOONG time! haha It actually looks like it may be something used to pour asphalt..? It reminds me of "Bessie" from Cars... ya know, the old asphalt machine Lightning McQueen has to use to fix the road... lol

AlanDP said...

The 512 area code.

Albatross said...

Bingo on the area code. I guess the company that owns this thought replacing the sticker just wasn't worth the trouble.

As for the location, this is beneath the new flyover ramps being built at Bandera Road and Loop 410. The project's been going on for a while, but it looks like they're getting close to completion. And upon seeing this, I didn't think Cars so much as I did Road Warrior.