Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Girl on Girl Kiss Leads to Arrests"

Lesbians in the mall? A kiss might get some attention.

Now that you've got the attention, try not fighting with a deputy.
Just a day after Christmas the two 22-year-olds came to Rolling Oaks Mall. One of the girls was Jessica Garcia. Her attorney says she was sitting on a bench inside the mall with her girlfriend's legs resting on her own legs. Garcia’s girlfriend then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Mall security and a Bexar County deputy saw the kiss and asked the two girls to leave for violating the mall's code of conduct. Garcia’s attorney says if the couple was heterosexual there wouldn't have been a problem and a kiss on the cheek certainly isn't offensive to reasonable people.

The other side of the story News 4 WOAI got from the arrest reports reads a little different. It says the two were making out and after the couple was asked to leave they came back inside the mall and the two sides began to argue. The arrest report says the girls were yelling profanities at the officers.

It ended with both girls under arrest and Garcia thrown to the ground.
(from WOAI-TV)

And here's an excerpt from a statement the mall management gave:
You will find that the women were not arrested for kissing at the mall. Rather, their aggressive behavior led to their arrest and resulted in the pending criminal charges. The women refused to comply after they had been warned about their disruptive behavior. They began using profanity with the officers and subsequently were asked to leave the mall. Unfortunately, they decided to re-enter the mall and upon being approached by a Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy and mall security, the women became physically combative and verbally abusive.
Now you have both sides of the story. Kissing or making out? Would they have been ejected regardless of their orientation had the making out been heavy enough? Should they have gone back inside to argue their point or just gone home?

You make the call.


Dave said...

And Rolling Oaks Mall isn;t even in Diane Cibrian's district!

Kels said...

LOL That's in my neck of the woods...! I wonder if I've ever seen them anywhere else around here?