Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crashing a motorcycle

Strange events unfolded following an accident on Fredericksburg Road.
According to police, a man and a woman on a motorcycle struck an 18-wheel beer truck on the northbound lanes of Fredericksburg Road between Oaklawn and Loop 410. The man laid the bike down, but the woman was apparently run over by the beer truck, police said.

She was taken to University Hospital in critical condition.

Witnesses said the man driving the motorcycle then started shouting for his gun, found his gun and threatened the beer truck driver. The driver of the big rig took off, witnesses said, and the motorcyclist allegedly threatened witnesses and himself, but did not fire any shots. San Antonio police did not confirm any of the witness reports, only saying they were investigating the collision as a traffic incident.

The motorcyclist was taken to an unknown hospital with unknown injuries. The driver of the beer truck returned to the scene and spoke with investigators.
(from KSAT-12)

If you were caught in traffic on Fred Road today, this is probably why.

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