Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Man lashes out at news crews covering garage fire"

A man's home catches fire, and he finds the presence of news crews offensive. Can't say as I really blame him. It seems pretty invasive to have a camera poking in your business just when you are at a very vulnerable point. But at the same time, I know that's what news crews do, and you can't really begrudge them a living, as long as they are on public property and not actually in your stuff. But, again, the man's resentment is understandable.

So he expresses himself. And how does KSAT-12 characterize his reaction?
This appeared to agitate the man who lives in the home. He lashed out at news crews that were there to cover the fire by making obscene gestures with his hands.
He "lashed out". By doing this:

That's lashing out? He looks remarkably collected to me. Really, KSAT, you could have done better. If you're going to portray someone as out of control in their reaction to your presence, you might not want to show video of him coolly flipping you the bird with no indication of violence on his mind whatsoever.

Or just leave him alone, you know.

You do know, right?

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Dave said...

I'm sorta disappointed that KSAT didn't use this as an opportunity to claim that their fans think they are Number 1.