Monday, February 18, 2013

"Truck carrying port-o-potty crashes"

Does your commute take you through the southwest part of San Antonio? If so, did you smell something different along the way this morning?
One person was injured when the driver of a truck carrying a port-o-potty lost control and crashed on the Southwest Side Monday morning.

The accident happened around 8:50 a.m. Monday at Berman Road and Westover Road, between Port San Antonio and Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland. The truck ended up flipping over and spilling the contents of the port-o-potty.
(from WOAI-TV)

Don't worry. Hazmat teams made the scene. It's all better now.


Unknown said...

A romantic idea, that anonymous people can be icons too. That a imaginary persona can make a piece of art for everyday people and even change them.

Making art for a gallery or for a collector is different from making art for the street. the art for the street is spontaneous. When I drive around through the day just living, going to work, going to buy food, going to the park whatever, you find a canvas that speaks to you. I see blank canvas where most people just see concrete pillars or slabs.

The art for the street deteriorates, changes and suffers the transformation over time of voluntary actions, involuntary actions
well meaning or malicious. The street art is intended to be destroyed and fade away over time. Thats the difference between a gallery and the outside environment or street.

The gallery is there to sell or conserve and the street inflicts the harsh reality of time. The art piece is a ongoing metamorphosis of sorts of what the piece will become. Its changing and is never the same piece of art work day to day. And then it may disappear and thats ok.

Unknown said...

Texas Street Artist