Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Car crashes into church

Oh man, the automobile vengeance upon homes -- or former homes, at least -- has taken a very sinister turn.
A car crashed through a church on San Antonio's West Side early Thursday morning, leaving behind some major damage.

San Antonio police responded to the accident at the Woodlawn Hills Baptist Church on W. Woodlawn at Maiden Lane and said the accident left a hole in the side of the building where Sunday school classes are held.

Woodlawn dead-ends in front of the church. However, investigators said the driver did not stop and, instead, drove through four walls and finally came to a stop behind the church.


A witness told police the car hit the curb then flew through the air as it went through the church building. It left behind 50 to 60 yards of skid marks.
(from KSAT-12)

Skid marks fifty to sixty yards long, and still enough energy to go completely through a building? Holy cow, that's fast!


AlanDP said...

Well, here's some additional trivia for you. That's my regular cycle 1 route, and I can tell you that if he followed the path as described, he must have run right over the water meter. I should be doing that route again next week.

Albatross said...

See if there are any skid marks on that meter cover! 'Kay?