Sunday, April 29, 2012

House crashes onto person

The domiciles are starting to fight back, but I think they are taking it out on the wrong entities.
A man was taken to University Hospital after police said a house fell on him Sunday afternoon.

At around 3 p.m. on the West side, police said the 32-year-old man was trying to do some leveling work on his house when it fell on him.

"What had happened is the main pier that he was jacking up actually tilted," said San Antonio Fire Department Battalion Chief Richard Giusti. "The whole house shifted and when it shifted it trapped the bottom part of his torso."


The victim was taken to University Hospital and as of Sunday evening was in stable condition, but paramedics were also checking for internal bleeding.
(from KSAT-12)

Maybe he was a car buff.

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Dave said...

Did police at least question the any of the cars on the street?