Monday, March 26, 2012

Someone who says he wished he could have thought a little more

Because of a tumor.
Many in the Judson Independent School District will recall the arrest last August of Edward Hernandez, a volunteer coach and Judson Athletic Booster Club president accused of stealing $7,758 of its funds.

When he pleaded no contest last week to the felony theft charge, Hernandez said his attorney submitted a letter to the court from Dr. David Garrett Jr., his neurologist, in hopes his medical condition could lead to deferred adjudication.

While he awaits the outcome, Hernandez said he wanted to share the letters contents so the public can judge “the whole story,” not just the mug shot that many saw aired last summer.

In his letter, Garrett described how he removed a large benign brain tumor last January that affected Hernandez’s personality, behavior and memory for at least the past two years.

“He (Hernandez) should not be held responsible for any behavior that violates social norms because he had little to no control over his impulses due to the tumor,” Garrett wrote.
(from KSAT-12)

I do understand that physical injury to a brain can cause personality changes, memory loss, and behavioral problems (because I do remember Phineas Gage), but is Hernandez fine now? He seems to be going to great effort to repay the money, so there's no reason to disbelieve his excuse, and he does have the testimony of his neurologist. All signs point to recovery, and I hope that's the case. I hope Hernandez turns out OK.

But it's definitely a different situation.

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