Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Chinese, Spurs style

So I'm watching the Spurs play the Warriors tonight, and I notice this:

And this:

And this:

And it gets me to wondering, are there any late night Chinese food delivery joints?

Seriously, though, I don't usually get to watch Spurs games live, so maybe I don't know, this could be a common thing. But what was it with the Chinese language advertising tonight? Was this a special Chinese night, like how the NBA panders to the Hispanic populations from time to time by making all the players wear jerseys that say "Los Spurs" and "El Heat"? Or does San Antonio really have a big enough Asian population to actually warrant advertising to them? Or was the AT&T Center simply taking whatever advertising they could get and, hey, Chinese dollars spend as good as American dollars so what if we don't know what the ads say?

Does anybody know?

I am genuinely curious.


Pam said...

Are you sure it's Chinese and not Japanese, in memory of the Earthquake and Tsunami victims, perhaps?

jc1107 said...

It's Chinese.

I'm pretty sure it's not only tonight that there has been some Chinese advertising. The NBA is a global league, they broadcast games in over 28 countries (, and there's an entire NBA China division. Looks like the Chinese marketers are just placing advertising where the viewers are watching...

Albatross said...

Yeah, I thought that at first, given that the Japanese and Chinese writing systems employ many of the same characters, but I didn't see any of the specific characters that I associate as being singular to Japanese. So I thought "Chinese".

I'm thinking you're probably right. Though who'd've thunk the Spurs would be such a popular team in China? Or perhaps it's Golden State they like so muc---- Naaaaaah! That would never happen! ;-)

Dave said...

They're conditioning us for the inevitable!

Albatross said...

Red Dawn.

Oh, wait. Not the Chinese anymore. They're are friends. North Koreans, now.