Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Time moves on, as does the traffic

I found this interesting tidbit on San Antonio Remembers:
Work will start within one week at the traffic control project at Romana Plaza, most congested area in the city, Virden A. Rittgers, city traffic engineer, said Friday.
It's a bit odd to think of the Romana Plaza area as the most congested in the city, especially now that it is 70 years later and we've added a whole interstate highway system since then. Now traffic congestion can be had in all areas of the city.

By the way, if you are familiar with the San Antonio area but don't know where Romana Plaza is, it's the area just north of the Central Library.


Sabra said...

Oh ye gods, that's the improved version?

Albatross said...

Seventy years ago, it must have been.