Monday, March 07, 2011

Someone who thought a little, but not enough

If you decide to burglarize a house, and you have an excuse handy just in case the homeowner comes back and catches you in the act, you might want to give it a lot of thought and come up with something creative. The homeowner still won't believe you, but you just might give them a good laugh to take the edge off the awkwardness.
The arrest affidavit showed the resident called police Feb. 16 after finding Linda McCloskey, 52, inside her home when she returned from running an errand. Police believe McCloskey got in through an unlocked door.

The homeowner told police when she confronted her, McCloskey said she was there to clean the house and then pointed to a vacuum cleaner and carpet steamer near the door.

However, the homeowner said both of the cleaning tools belonged to her and that she did not have a maid.
(from KSAT-12)

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