Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"Muffin fight leads to aggravated assault arrest"

There's more to this than a muffin.
Police said Vicente Cerna stayed the night at a woman's apartment. When she told him to leave the next day, he got mad and picked up a muffin and threw it at her. She then threw it back. The fight escalated, and police said Cerna pulled out a gun and threatened the woman.
(from WOAI-TV)

They have more issues than bran vs. blueberry. And I think everything can be blamed on that tattoo.


Sabra said...

The headline on MySA was "Muffin exchange leads to assault, arrest." Misleading, but amusing.

Albatross said...

Yeah, an "exchange" is so mild, it's almost pleasant. Who expects trouble from that? Certainly not a fight and a threat with a gun, nosiree.