Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Mom Bites Child, Gets Arrested"

OK, that headline is bad enough to make every parent (and even most non-parents) cringe a little.

But the worst part is she's a repeat offender!
A 19-year-old woman was arrested after Kirby police said she bit a child hard enough to leave a bruise and visible teeth marks.

According to an arrest affidavit, Olivia Ramirez admitted to a relative that she bit the child Oct. 23.


This is not the first time that Ramirez has been arrested for the offense.

The affidavit stated that she was arrested in June 2009 for the same charge and was indicted by a grand jury.

It's hard enough keeping your kids away from biters that are their own age, now we've gotta worry about the adults as well.


Sabra said...

Is this her child? Or someone else's? I'm not certain which would be worse, honestly.

Albatross said...

The article is not clear on that, though I suspect that if it were her child that fact would have been mentioned in some way (like CPS took her kid away, or something like that).

Anonymous said...

I could understand if she bites the child cause he/she is biting other people, but not that hard!!! When my kids was young & biting, I would just bearly bite them so it would teach & let them know that it hurts. That made them stop. If that wasnt her child, If I was the mother I would press charges!
-Tonia Moffitt-