Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting the boot

Legitimate enterprise? Or scam?

You decide.
Mario Fuentes and Jacob Pena tell KENS 5 they were among a few people parked in a downtown parking lot at the corner of South Presa and Durango Saturday afternoon.

The men claim when they drove into the lot the signs said to pay $5. Fuentes said the booth was unattended but they used the pay box to pay.


But when they returned an hour later, Fuentes said the price on the signs was changed and several cars were booted.

"Not all the signs were covered. There was still a few signs that had $5 written on it. That's when we questioned is it $5 or $8" Pena said.

Angry and frustrated, Pena and Fuentes claim they began questioning the attendant who worked for Boot man Inc.
According to them, the attendant said "It's not my job to dispute. Just to put on the boot and take off the boot."

"We asked for a supervisor. He said there was nobody to call. There was no supervisor to be found," Pena said.

"I gave him my credit card and he processed the payment right there on the spot," Said Fuentes, "He released the cars right away."
(from KENS-5)

Be careful where you park downtown.

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