Friday, June 11, 2010

Taking care of the inmates

The Bexar County Sheriff's Department has an embarrassment on its hands -- one of its own deputies has been selling drugs to guests in the pokey. At least the higher-ups took the tip they received seriously and did a little investigating. Now they have arrested their man, and now they know not to trust anyone's lunch.
[Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo] Ortiz said investigators set [Deputy Robert] Falcon up with simulated heroin, which he says Falcon had intended to deliver to the jail.

Although Falcon was caught with simulated drugs on Friday, Ortiz said they have information that he has done this before with real heroin and that he would bring it in, concealed under a Styrofoam container.

"He acted like he was bringing his lunch with him. He had a lunch bag, some tacos and some refried beans, and the drugs were taped to the Styrofoam cup," said Ortiz.
(from KSAT-12)

I don't know ---- do you think he could have deflected suspicion if he had just said someone must have switched out his sal-limon? (While shrugging a lot.) Do you think?

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