Thursday, June 24, 2010

"S.A. resolution gives thumbs down on Arizona immigration law "

Big whoop.

What's going on in Arizona is San Antonio's business. That's what eight City Council members said with their vote.

In a public hearing that lasted four hours, 45 residents spoke out. Most of them supported Mayor Julian Castro's idea to say what is happening in Arizona is unacceptable for the Lone Star State.


Despite three negative votes from council members Reed Williams, John Clamp and Elisa Chan, the City of San Antonio sent a bold message.

"We needed to make a statement now instead of waiting and being behind the curve later," said Castro.

(from KENS-5)

Now, City Council, now that you have gotten that out of your system, can you do a little to fix some real problems here in San Antonio, Texas?


Dave said...

Complete idiots. 4 hours of precious council time over something that is nothing more than a feel good (for them anyway) resolution.

What say we do some real work and resolve to end world hunger or resolve to cure cancer. How bout we pass a unanimous resolution to make everyone in San Antonio graduate High School and not get pregnant before they have the means to support a child.


Sabra said...

Thanks, Dave, that last sentence almost made me snort macaroni and cheese.

At any rate, I am certain the city council will shortly return to the issues that affect ALL of San Antonio. Like the 281/1604 interchange.