Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Someone who should have thought a little more

It must be still be sweeps month, because here is KENS-5 telling us about the latest thing to be outraged about.

Smoking marijuana can get you fired, but some employees are finding new ways of getting high without it showing up on a drug test.

”Mojo” is the name for a synthetic herbal incense, and it is becoming a popular -- but pricey -- alternative to marijuana.

Mojo isn't even a drug. It can be found at area head shops, corner gas stations and even pharmacies. It comes in a small package, but it packs a punch. And that high has attracted hard core drug users like Casey Nunez.

Ah, Casey. Tell us about yourself.

Nunez admits he used to be an everyday marijuana user, but now he gets stoned on mojo. "It has a very similar feel to marijuana when you are under the influence of it," he said.

Faux pot lacks the chemical THC, and that attracts users like Nunez who smoke it for the buzz -- and to keep his habits hidden from his boss. "[M]y job requires drug testing," Nunez said. "That's why I don't smoke weed."

Casey, consider your habits hidden no more. Unless, of course, your boss never watches KENS-5. Or reads the KENS-5 website.

But the best part about this whole story? Dude actually made a conscious choice to wear his D.A.R.E. shirt on the TV interview where he admits the only reason he doesn't smoke pot is because he might get caught.



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Dave said...

The guy's helmet hair said it all. All KENS-5 needs is a story on a mangy hairless raccoon (la chupucabra) and some perverts in the park and it will be a banner sweeps week.

Albatross said...

Who needs just a simple chupacabra story when you can have a whole section?