Sunday, March 14, 2010

More animal hoarding

But, in this case, the woman realizes her problem.
"We have trash, feces and filth intermixed with this ladies belongings," said Matt Bennett with Wildlife Rescue.

Bennett, along with dozens of volunteers from the community, Animal Care Services, even veterinarians, spent the day Sunday cleaning up the woman's house and catching nearly 40 cats.

Bennett said, unlike most cases they come across where people are hoarding animals, this woman was thankful for the help.

"Typical scenario, some may call hoarders, they aren't really receptive to help. But this lady actually reached out to us and she understands she has a problem and wanted some help," said Bennett.
(from KSAT-12)

That's the first step, I understand.


Dave said...

Yes. The second step is to get all the feces out of your belongings. And she might want to get a few of those plug in air fresheners.

staticwarp said...

sadly i know a couple people like this. human to animal ratio in their house? last time i checked it was 13:1. w.t.f.