Friday, March 26, 2010

Calling for a ride

In the mood for a little burglary, but you don't have a getaway car? Don't worry. Just call a cab!

A taxi cab driver unintentionally became the getaway car driver for a man who had just burglarized an east-side home.

Police say the burglar stole $2000 worth of electronics, including a 42-inch plasma screen television, from Uriah Caldera’s home on Cooper St. before calling a Yellow Cab to pick him up and drop him off a few blocks away.


Police were able to contact the cab driver who told them where the [sic] dropped the suspect off, but a search of the area found nothing.

(from KENS-5)

No word on how well the customer tipped, if at all.

Bonus strangeness: the name "Uriah". How often do you see that nowadays?

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staticwarp said...

even stranger: the only guy i've met in san antonio named uriah was quite possibly a woman posing as a man. i never learned his last name or confirmed his gender before he left the company we worked for.