Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Taking the library fines way too seriously

I hope this turns out to be a great big misunderstanding, because otherwise the authorities in Killeen are just going to come out smelling like corpse flowers.

Twenty-one year-old Victoria Rogers says she wishes she could change the past.

The Texas mother has been a fugitive since January - wanted by authorities in Killeen, Texas.

"I apologized and said I didn't mean to," said Rogers.


During an ugly divorce, Rogers and her 5-month old son left Killeen and headed south to San Antonio - leaving behind a rocky relationship and a library book.

With so much else on her mind, Rogers says she forgot about the book. She says her ex-husband never told her about the notices in the mail.

She says she has offered to pay for the book, but the city of Killeen says it’s too late.

An arrest warrant has been issued.

(from KENS-5)

The article does say that Rogers can show up to court and pay a steep fine, so I guess she really wouldn't go to jail. But the fine is $340, which is pretty stiff for an unreturned book. I can see charging replacement cost, or double that, but that fine seems like a lot.

Has anyone faced fines from the San Antonio Public Library system? I'm curious as to what they might charge for an outstanding book.

UPDATE: Ah, here it is. The San Antonio Library has a maximum $10 fine for overdue books and a charge for the list price for lost items . Nothing about arrest warrants.


AlanDP said...

How much you want to bet her ex is behind this? I wouldn't be surprised at all if he knows some less-than-upright LEO there and they're doing this just to hassle her. If she had a criminal record (of any kind), it would certainly be used against her in a custody battle.

Albatross said...

I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

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