Thursday, June 18, 2009

Putting up with blight to get your dream home

Would you live here?

Gwynn Griffith does, even though it is an old manufacturing plant in a run-down section of San Antonio. Her story even made it into the New York Times. She loves this house, and I'm pretty sure she fully accepts that she may never see a return on her investment given its location (the Times doesn't say, but I'm thinking it is on the East Side; there used to be a substantial industrial base over there).

Check out the slide show here. And, if you have ever complained about train noise before, make sure you check out the sixth picture.

UPDATE: Alan from Blogonomicon recognizes the place. He says it is on the near South Side. Read what he says about the neighborhood in the comments.


AlanDP said...

It's on the very near central south side, south of hwy 90 and not too far off Flores street, if I recall correctly. I used to read that route sometimes.

I think they are engaging in some hyperbole here. There are lots of places worse than this. This neighborhood has plenty of well-kept houses mixed among some old and more run-down ones.

Tagging is omnipresent everywhere, regardless of neighborhood unless you're in a gated community with a gate that actually works.

This article isn't telling the whole story. They picked some of the worst images of that area.

The meter is under all that brush on the right.

Albatross said...

"I think they are engaging in some hyperbole here."

Not surprising. This is the New York Times after all. They have a story to tell, and they just need the words and pictures to fit it.

Thanks for recognizing where this place is (of course you'd know where the meters are!). Because of your comment, I've just added the "newsunworthy" label to this post.

AlanDP said...

I suppose the NYT considers the entire state of Texas as "blight."

Albatross said...

Yes, I believe they do.

Dave said...

I have to admit, the few pictures they show of the inside look pretty interesting. 16,000 sf. After spending $400K to spiff the place up, I wonder what her electric bill runs? Hopefully some of that cash went toward insulation and some energy efficient HVAC.