Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Body in casket found in abandoned funeral home"

Nice. You would think that a business owner would tie up loose ends before closing down the establishment, wouldn't you?

A resident living in the apartments above the funeral home went searching through a storage shed when he found the casket lying underneath several sheets. The female body inside the casket was dressed for a funeral.

The property’s landlord says the owner struggled to make rent and left without warning June 2.

She also mentioned a conversation in which she says he told her he was holding onto a body until the family could pay for a funeral.

(from KENS-5)

Human remains as collateral. Very interesting.


Dave said...

A resident living in the apartments above the funeral home

Yea. That's about all I need to know. Who rents an apartment above a funeral home and then doesn't expect to find a loose body or two lying around?

Albatross said...

Good point. I wonder what kind of break the resident got on rent considering the location.

Apartment locator: This place is charming and quaint, and the bonus is that it rents for about 70% of what comparable units go for. Of course, you must never go into the storage shed out back.