Friday, October 05, 2007

Coyote attacks

Hollywood Park has gotten rid of its attack owl, and now the town has coyotes to worry about.

From the North Central News:

Though an owl in Hollywood Park has been neutralized and is no longer a menace to pedestrians and joggers, a pair of adolescent coyotes has filled the owl’s void to become the newest neighborhood nuisance.

At 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 26, Hollywood Park Police Lt. J. Quintero received a call from Candy Karlson; a resident in The Enclave who let her 5-pound Maltese outside while she prepared her dog’s breakfast, then heard her dog’s cries just seconds later.

“She [the dog] was screaming in the front yard,” Karlson said. “I could see two coyotes in the front yard, and they had dropped her. Then when they saw me, they took off running.”

Karlson’s 8-year-old dog underwent 48 hours of emergency surgery to repair two dislocated scapulas, broken ribs and a punctured lung. At press time, Karlson said it looked like her pet would live, but her veterinarian said the dog may not ever regain control of her hind legs.

At 7 a.m., shortly after Karlson saw the destructive duo leave her home, a Hollywood Park police officer saw the two trotting down Fleetwood Street. One of the coyotes had a cat in its mouth.

“They looked like young coyotes,” Quintero said, “and they were playing with the cat, not really eating it.”

Actually, coyotes aren't that strange along the outskirts of San Antonio. There have been several times when I've seen them scurrying along the roads at night. What I do find a bit odd is that someone spent 48 hours doing surgery on a five-pound dog! That's two whole days of surgery! I don't really want to sound insensitive, but are there even human procedures that take that long?

That's strange.


Dave said...

My wife just took our pooch to the vet for a shot and a check-up. Close to $100.00 for a five minute look-see.

I don't care how much you love ol' Scruffy, but 48 hours of no kidding vet work has got to add-up. I'd be asking for the convenient, $75.00 and a quick goodbye option.

Also, I loved that the coyotes "were playing with the cat, not really eating it.” Classic!

Albatross said...

Yeah, I was astonished at the 48-hour claim. Don't get me wrong, I like dogs (larger ones, though), but that kind of work carries a prohibitively high price tag, to me.

And, yes, I thought the coyote line was classic, too!

Dave said...

Not that we are insensitive or anything...

Anonymous said...

What an ass, the officer! Why didn't he shot the 2 coyotes, with the cat in their mouth!
I guess that was alright seeing how it's just a cat, right asshole?
I bet it was someone's cat, who's life now has been disrupted! Why is someone so insensitive a cop?
Cops are a joke! What exactly is your job! to serve and protect?I hope for the other animals in that area and the children for that matter that they have done something with the coyotes! What a jerk! And he doesn't mean to sound insenitive, gee, either do I then!
ha ha only thing they protect, or serve is they serve themselves donuts, and protect their own asses from the wrong doing they themselves are doing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the paper wasn't completely accurate. The dog was at the surgical center for 2 days, but the actual surgery took 2 hours. Everything else in the article was accurate.

Anonymous said...

What?? Where did you read "scientifically" that people that do not like cats also dislike females?? I would love to read that article!

Anonymous said...

im so happy that the dog had surgery and is ok... i wouldnt want the cyotes killed there animals too and that is how they live...but it would be good to catch them and put them somewhere they can be free....also i think anyone who says they wouldnt pay for there pet to get surgery is a total jerk!!!!! would you not pay for your child???? some people treat there pets as part of the family and would never let them go without...and those are the only people who should have pets!!!!!and to the person who said scruffy was a mutant go to hell....your probably a loser anyways!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be nice dogs are like family and if that were your family you would do the same thing

Anonymous said...

I agree

pmst105 said...

Today we let our little chinawa pup outside. shortly after i heard our big dog leap from the back porch knocking over furniture while barking loudly. I whistled for our little dog who came running out from under a cattle fence. She came inside traumitized and hid in our closet. I looked closer and saw a large bite on her side. My husband went back there and found our two bigger dogs were on either side of three coyotes who were walking around in circle being herded by our dogs. Our pups two big brothers had saved her! Today is 9/10/13 and this occured on the se side of San Antonio, tx. I hate coyotes as over the years have killed two cats and one small dog. We took dog to vet. Vet gave stitches and meds and our little dog is fine. I'm so thankful.