Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Man In Dress Ties Self To Bench"

KSAT-12 reports on an incident.

And all I can say is, huh?

SAN ANTONIO -- Sheriff's deputies said a man wearing a woman's dress tied himself to a bench on Sunday morning to see if he could withstand the humiliation.

Deputies said they found the man in a West Bexar County neighborhood, 13200 Solar Crest, and asked him how he got tied to the bench.

The man told them he was conducting a, "scientific experiment in humiliation."

When they asked him if he was humiliated, the man said he wasn't.

But, he should probably repeat the experiment, just to be sure. After all, this is science.


Dave said...

She'd do in a pinch.

Albatross said...

At least it wouldn't be humiliating.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am humiliated for him.