Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Strip Club Loses Legal Battle"

An update on the Boobie Rock controversy from KSAT-12:

SAN ANTONIO -- A district judge on Wednesday issued a temporary injunction against a businessman who was hoping to open a strip club on the city's Northwest Side.

District Judge Andy Mireles took about 30 minutes before deciding that Boobie Rock will not be allowed to open -- at least for the moment -- off Interstate 10 and Huebner Road.

A jury will ultimately decide whether the club will open when it goes to trial Jan. 7, 2008.

This doesn't sound good for Boobie Rock. Or for any other business trying to open in this city when a sitting councilperson takes a disliking to the nature of the business.


Dave said...

The sad thing about this type of debate is, you can't be against the club without appearing to be some sort of prude and you can't be for it opening without appearing to be some sort of perv!

I have no intention of going to Boobie Rock, and I've never been to All Stars (just across the highway), so I hope that gives me some bonifides as not being the aforementioned pervert.

I have to wonder about those against the club. Have they never driven to the airport (right past PT's) or along any number of other clubs (Wild Zebra, I think)? So what about the little children in those areas? Have they been scarred for life?

For Halloween, I should have dressed my house up as a scary building with a sign: Gentleman's Club. That surely would have frightened the crumb-crunching set, or at least their mothers.

Albatross said...

Yeah, it's not as if this is the first such club to open in this town. And, it's on a busy highway. Perhaps children ride their bikes along the highway in front of the club, as the councilwoman seemed to suggest, but I've never seen any. And, if the kiddos were riding their bikes on the highway, I'd be more worried about whether or not the parents knew where they were.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that those whom seem to protest the most vehemently, almost always tend to be middle aged, heavy set and unattractive women, Diane?

See Me Repeat Me said...

Why are people who cast aspersions against the physical appearances of women who don't appear to step out from the pages of a "gentleman's" magazine usually anonymous men who very probably look like they've been bludgeoned with the ugly stick and have a sizeable beer gut, Steve?

I'm with Diane Cibiran all the way here. It would be one thing if this club was run by someone with a good reputation, someone who knows how to manage a safe, reputable establishment that mixes "sex" and "entertainment" together. There's a reason why you hear no noticeable uproar over Hooters; the patrons of that eatery are all well-behaved and don't attract crime to its Wurzbach/Fredericksburg location. The guy who's trying to get Boobie Rock opened has had serious problems controlling the other establishment he operates in town (Sugar's), one that has brought crime in to its surrounding area.

Also, it is transparently clear that none of you have any idea about the area in question. There are neighborhoods located less than a mile away from where this establishment would be situated. They're located off Huebner and Prue, near where Clarke American is. Clarke American is a good business neighbor. There's a new animal hospital that opened across the street (on Huebner); that's a good business neighbor. The Jack In The Box/Shell combo establishment on the corner of Huebner and Fredericksburg is a good business neighbor. If a live music establishment were to open in the disputed property area, I'm sure it would be a good business neighbor, plus it would add something special to the area. But a strip club? You have to be very vigilant about how you operate one of these (or, in fairness, a bar) in order to be a good neighbor, but it can be done. What the Boobie Rock guy has proven time and again throughout the years is that he has NO capacity or ability to do such a thing, so hell yeah I'm going to have an issue with him trying to open *another* out-of-control establishment near where there are schools (being that you could walk from that point to at least one middle school and one elementary school) and neighborhoods full of kids. So, you know, stop it with the uneducated bullshit and the cap'n save-a-fuckheading and get one clue.

Anonymous said...
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