Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Woman talks about Satan, attacks woman with samurai sword"

If you are homeless, beware women brandishing swords.


According to investigators, [Tracy] Foreman broke into a residence in the 400 block of Hartline Drive just before midnight.

A man who lives in the home was awoken when he heard noise inside.

Foreman stole a samurai sword with a bone handle and a crystal skull with red eyes, according to a police report.

"She was talking gibberish about the devil," the man told police.


According to investigators, Foreman was still making Satan references when she attacked a homeless woman sitting with her boyfriend at a Valero Cornerstore in the 2500 block of Austin Highway.

In between utterances about the dark one, she also went through the man's refrigerator. She was eventually caught by police, and the woman she attacked suffered a treatable gash only.

Foreman needs help, and she's dangerous. I hope she gets the treatment she needs.

Preferably in a place where all the swords are locked up.

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