Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Dada Picnic

Coming this Sunday, June 24 in San Pedro Springs Park, it's the Dada Picnic.

Here's the event description from the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau (I couldn't do a direct link; just go to the site and search the Calendar of Events for things going on June 24, 2007):
Picnickers will have a brown-bag ’’absurd sandwich’’ exchange. Sandwiches include; Open-faced pickles and sauerkraut on rye, peanuts, grape nuts and Nutella on tortillas and a Cookie Fluffinutter. They will then delve into meaningful readings from the San Antonio Yellow Pages. Audience members may be asked to participate at any time. Water will be served to anyone who brings a vessel. For information call 210/882-8094.

Sounds like fun.

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See Me Repeat Me said...

See, that shit sounds f'in cool to me. First off, that picnic is totally in the spirit of absurdist Dadaism, so it is precisely what it says on the tin. Secondly, it's not the same old same old usual boring claptrap most people do on the weekend. Third, it shows that there are some people here in town who have quite a good idea about art and philosophy and creativity. Fourth, it's an activity that actually (*gasp*) involves some thinking, as well as not taking oneself seriously. If that Austin American-Statesman intern dude had seen this on our city's activity schedule, maybe he'd have done this instead of the usual touristy cliched shit and maybe he'd have come back all S.A. Evangelist. Or maybe he'd have still done a negative piece and I would've come back with a big ol' can of "wtf are you talking about dumbass" whoopass.