Tuesday, June 19, 2007

San Antonio is 5th in the nation!

In the sweat department, that is.

I know, it's all just a publicity piece from the "Sweat Experts at Old Spice", but what I find strange about this ranking is that Dallas is listed as number 3 on Old Spice's list (two spaces above San Antonio) and that Houston is number 12. Being really sweaty is not something to be proud of by itself, but the reality of South Texas is that it gets HOT when spring and summer roll around. And we have high humidity.

That means sweat. Dallas may get muggy for awhile during the summer, but my experience has been that San Antonio and Houston have many more days of sweltering temperatures than our North Texas cousins. So, I wouldn't have blinked an eye if San Antonio or Houston were either 3 or 5 and Dallas was 12. But, I am a bit surprised that Dallas ranks the highest out of the Texas cities.

Perhaps the "sweat experts" need to work on their methodology. Texans are depending on them.

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