Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who knew Bigfoot was down here in Texas?

Beginning this weekend and running through the end of July, the Institute of Texan Cultures is hosting an exhibit on Bigfoot.
There are many documented sightings of Bigfoot right here in Texas! You are invited to join us as we explore many theories on the existence of Bigfoot. This exhibit will feature unidentifiable hair as well as foot and body casts of a being that many believe can only be Bigfoot.

Or they could be fakes. You decide. No, really.
At the end of your visit, we’ll ask you to vote: do you believe Bigfoot really exists?

On a serious note, though, the Institute of Texas Cultures is a wonderful repository containing the history and heritage of all the different peoples that make up Texas. If you are visiting San Antonio, I suggest you check it out while you are here.

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