Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fuentes disappears again

The latest in the Naomi Fuentes disappearance case: she's gone again.

UTSA police followed every lead in their search for Fuentes. Chief Hernandez says they got help from the San Antonio Police Department and even psychics to try to track her down. When they found her, Chief Hernandez agreed he wouldn't reveal her location because she was at a battered women's shelter.

“We promised that we wouldn't divulge any information about her, other than that she is alive and well, if they would allow an officer to meet with her,” said Hernandez. They made it clear to us that they would allow that, but shortly thereafter, she would be removed from that location in order to protect her privacy and to protect her.” ...

Since police tracked Naomi to that shelter, she's now been moved for her own protection.

Fuentes is considered a person of interest by Windcrest Police in a criminal investigation.

Hm. I wonder if other female criminals on the lam have thought about using a battered women's shelter to cover their tracks? Seems convenient. It's a shame that anyone might think to stoop to that level, but, then again, I guess a criminal would have no compunction anyway.

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